June 20, 2009

Babes Bodacious Asparagus Bread

The Bread Baking Babes have a real winner this time with a delicious, seasonal and unusual Asparagus Bread, chosen by Lien who blogs at Nottie Van Lien's. The recipe is found HERE and I'm making it as a Bread Baking Buddy type person.

There is plenty of green in this bread from the asparagus and from arugula (although I substituted Swiss chard because my garden is producing so much of it I have to use it where ever I can!) but what ties the flavors together is the walnuts. It makes two smallish loaves of a very moist and tender, flavorful and pretty bread.
While it was still a little warm from the oven I cut a slice and gave it to Sweetie. He made appreciative noises, so I asked for a bite. After I took the bite I started to move away from Sweetie and he reminded me that he was only giving me a bite...he really wanted to finish that slice...and about half the loaf with dinner!

One of the things I missed during my travels in May was making bread. Since I've been back it's been hard to find the time, so it was a real pleasure to have my hands in yeast dough again. Don't expect that all of the non-dough ingredients will be totally encased in the dough once it has baked. Having the odd little bit of asparagus or chard peeking out is part of the pleasure for me.

Do give this recipe a try. If you have a stand mixer to do the kneading, it is a simple recipe. The veggies are basically blanched, drained, and chopped. The rest is pretty fun and the results are spectacular!

This is my entry for this week in Susan's event Yeastspotting at Wild Yeast. If you check out last week's entries you will see at least one loaf of this outstanding seasonal bread. You can also visit all of the Babes's sites using the links on Lein's blog.

Want to be a Buddy, too? Lein tells you how and you still have time...the deadline is June 26th!

On the home front, please keep our dear Bakers Dog Xam in your thoughts. He had surgery on Monday for a glandular infection, but will be seeing the vet on Thursday to see if there are other things wrong. Took him on his first walk this week today and he seemed fine if a bit slower than usual. Fingers and toes crossed that the surgery took care of it all.


  1. So glad you liked it!! Your loaf looks wonderful!!! I'll send you the badge as fast as I can, but I'm having lots of computerproblems (still) and the badge is still on the old PC (I hope!!!) and I have no access to that right now. It'll be there as soon as I have it. Thanks so much for baking as our Bread Baking Buddie "type person" :))

  2. I like Bread Baking Buddy type persons and the bread they make! It looks swell Elle! (oops no pun intended). Hope the BBD is getting better.

  3. All the good vibes for the Bakers Dog.

    That's beautiful ... Bread Baking Buddie "type person" ... great bread too isn't it.

  4. Lien, I really do like this bread! Thinking of trying it with other veggies.

    Baking Soda, You have often been my inspiration for bread baking (along with Tanna) so it's fun to be a Buddy.

    Tanna, Great to be your BB Buddy, too. The 'type person' thing is borrowed from Lis of the Daring Bakers fame.

  5. Well done on the bread.

    Hope that Xam will be back as your sous-chef soon.

  6. But it somehow sounds different when it's tacked onto that longer Bread Baking Buddie type person ;)

  7. Beautiful! Keeping fingers, toes, and eyes crossed for Xam.

  8. this really looks so delicious~so healthy looking........

  9. I love the asparagus/chard bread! I hope Xam's recovery is well under way, so that he can eat many more of these loaves.

  10. Wow I've never seen asparagus used in bread before. Sounds great and such a pretty colour

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