April 17, 2009

Happy Cows and Other Delights

Lots of the bread recipes I make contain dairy products. Not too far from the local high school there is a park that has a dairy herd in residence next door. Since I tend to buy local, it's quite possible that some of their efforts go into my bread, too. Here is a photo of the herd at a distance, along with some wine grape vines (wine being another local product that is enjoyable) and hills off in the distance.

By the way, spring butter tends to be just a bit better than butter the rest of the year. Look at that grass and you'll see why. Of course it could be that they are just happy California cows.

The bread baker's dog likes his walks...most dogs do...and one of his favorite walks takes us past the cows and to the laguna, our local waterway. It is enchanting year round, but the spring is especially wonderful.

We were lucky enough to get fairly close to this great white heron among some reeds in a shallow area. There were also ducks nearby, but this big one is quite a sight up close.

Still not food, but these seedlings will soon be producing food and are keeping this blogger quite busy getting the garden prepared for them. No fresh bread for the dog, either, but that should change in the next day or so. Stay 'tuned'.


  1. And I needed a beautiful spring California walk!
    Happy cows ;)

  2. Beautiful shots! Thanks!


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