March 16, 2009

Twice the Oatmeal Bread

Sometimes you just want an easy, simple sandwich loaf. You can go buy one at the store, but it is so much more satisfying to make it yourself...and you get the advantage of that fresh bread smell in your kitchen!

This bread makes great toast and sandwiches. It's a little rough in texture and has lots of oatmeal, so you better like oats if you make this bread.

This simple loaf is my entry to Susan's Yeastspotting event on her great blog Wild Yeast.

Twice the Oatmeal Bread
Makes two (2) loaves

1 cup cooked steel cut oats (not quick cooking) – I used Irish steel cut to honor the season!
1 cup whole wheat sourdough starter ( or 1 pk active dry yeast proofed in ½ cup warm water with
pinch of sugar)
1 tsp salt
1 cup quick cooking rolled oats
3 – 3/12 cups all-purpose flour

Cook oats per instructions, remove from heat and allow to cool completely and absorb any excess water. You want a big "glob" of oats.

If not using sourdough starter:
Proof yeast in lukewarm water and pinch of sugar. Allow to sit for 5 - 10 minutes until foamy.

In bowl for stand mixer or large bowl, break up cooled oatmeal into medium chunks, and using the dough hook (if using stand mixer), stir in sourdough starter or proofed yeast, salt, and oatmeal until cooked oatmeal is completely broken up.

Add in about a cup of flour and stir until wet dough formed. Add in 1 1/2 cups AP flour until shaggy dough ball is formed. Add in remaining flour 1/2 cup a time until soft dough ball that cleans bowl if formed. Allow dough to rest for 10 minutes to absorb excess flour. If using stand mixer, hand knead for 5 or 10 quick turns.

Dough should be soft and very slightly tacky. If clumps of dough stick to hand, knead in additional AP flour on palmful at time.

Place dough in greased bowl, cover and let rise until double (about 2 - 2 1/2 hours). Punch down, form 2 loaves, place in 8 1/2 x 5 greased loaf pans, lightly grease top of loaves, loosely cover, and allow to rise until dough is about 1/4" above edge of loaf pans.

Slash top of loaves down center if desired.

Place loaves in preheated 375 degree F. oven and bake 30 - 35 minutes or until internal temperature reaches 190 degrees.

Allow to cool completely before slicing.


  1. Anonymous3/19/2009

    It may be easy and simple, but this looks like a wonderfully hearty sandwich loaf.

  2. Anonymous3/20/2009

    Your bread looks very fine. I love oats in bread.

  3. We ALWAYS want a simple sandwich/toasting loaf, and we love oats in our bread, so this sounds like a perfect recipe! Beautiful bread, and I totally understand about your lab!
    The Dogs Eat the Crumbs

  4. Yum! I might just have to try this (although I like the steel-cut oats as they are). Have you tried it with whole oats? Just boil them up in 3x the volume of water & you've got a lovely addition to the dough.

  5. Anonymous6/08/2009

    just tried this bread and loved it. It didn't rise very well the second time around, though. Any tips?


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